Arrels Marines, Tramuntana Diving Center and Tambor Films introduce a short film that goes through a child’s life who become conscious of his environment. This child, who represents us all, grows with a truly clear debt, which is transmitting to the new generations what he took years to learn. Posidonia and marine life have been at risk for so many years and the education of today’s children is key to their recovery. Arrels Marines is a project born in Port de Pollensa, Mallorca, and emerges from the need to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the Balearic ecosystem.

Arrels Marines are explaining children who spend their vacation in Mallorca, why the Posidonia plant is so important in our underwater landscape. In addition, the association will focus on replanting this plant within our ecosystem in the areas of Port de Pollensa, Cala Millor, Cala Ratjada, among others.

When we cross the boundaries of the underwater world with a camera, we become ambassadors of these landscapes and their inhabitants.