10th October, 2022. Seven years already since the Wedding and Elena and Sergio are ready to celebrate it. David will take care of their son, already 6 years old. If he wants the kid to fall asleep, he will need to tell a story him.

The wedding invitation of Elena y Sergio, hand made (all of them) by Almudena Cuesta lighten us to do this video. The invitation was ink and watercolours so we decided to tell the story of Elena y Sergio based in watercolour and ink. This was how to Iñaki Gorri, ilustrator from El Ojo Izquierdo, started the job. David gave this story the voice and shaped the story. Uriel, the kid, who helped us carefully studied the script (thanks Uriel to come and play with us!). So all the ingredients ready and it was only Elena and Sergio to do the job. But that was so fun as productive. Thanks! Really enjoyed!



Once at The Chochete’s Wedding day,  so many highlights for a four min. video. Our only option then, has been to summarize the Chochete’s Wedding and, as a present, a bonus track from “el Liadote”. They wanted to cry, to laugh and to dance but they could not imagine it was going to be like this..