Arrels Marines, Tramuntana Diving Center and Tambor Films introduce a short film that goes through a child’s life who become conscious of his environment. This child, who represents us all, grows with a truly clear debt, which is transmitting to

It's hard to show with images only what you can feel when you are part of this show for the first time. Mahón is living what we can say is one of the most popular and traditional festivities in Spain,

"We are the children of the sling. Caburus, Arguta, Vatri were our names and among all we could choose, we chose the sling. We walked through far-off and foreign lands for always being at the forefront, determined, always precise. We The majesty of Nepal, where lie down 8 of the 14 mountains higher than 8000 mtrs in Earth, was where we could expeted less, in the air. It was a long, long bus trip and we went into a bar, whatever Samis believe that the Northern Lights were caused by the firefox who ran so quickly across the snow that his tail caused sparks to fly into the night sky creating the Aurora. Being a mediterranean guy, I never imagined I