Jesus Villamón goes a step further in the world of the cut of Ham fusioning it with a good dose of culture. Through its explanations, the customer knows the origin, the history and the details of the product that is

"There was a time when magic ruled the world. Those were the days of the Goddess Mawu. A world of beasts and incredible animals, infinite plains, mountains that reached the skies and forests where the trees were kings.  Many men Alejandra Borrás y Perico Colom gathered in the following photographer's work in Can Danús: Alex Marcús, Antonella Debellis, Dushan Szokovics, Ian Waelder, Isabel Castro, Javier Izquierdo, Javier Mendizábal, Jose (APNYC), Kengo Sato, Natxo Bassols, Neige Khan, Cuentin de Briey, Silvia Pascual, Spring Collection in Seattle Vintage Store.  San Elías st, 4, Palma. Models: Carol y Guille Styling: Seattle Vintage Store Photography: Alex Marcús Photography assistance: Alex Borrás