The Balearic Slinger

“We are the children of the sling. Caburus, Arguta, Vatri were our names and among all we could choose, we chose the sling. We walked through far-off and foreign lands for always being at the forefront, determined, always precise. We are children of the history, which we managed to write with great endeavour, shot after shot. We weave soul, precision and tradition.

Now, the sling will strike again.

Choose a stone, choose the one with the best shape, weight it, identify its pleasant side, position the stone, suit it gently between the sling pads, measure the distance to the target, let the sling be an extension of your body, of your mind, stay focused. Set your target, balance your body, feel the stone whistling just over your head, hold on for the proper moment. Hold on, hold on, stay focused. Not yet…Now.”

Text by Joan Sanchez and Albert Comas, slingers.


The balearic slingers were trained on the sling technique since they were children and they were constantly compelled to the improvement of its use. This fact would situate themselves as lethal enemies, thanks to its skills and abilities with the Sling. They were considered as one of the most fearsome units in the ancient armies.

Today, a great number of balearic people fight to keep this tradition alive, which has become a sport for both men and women. The aim of this video is to help this sector of the balearic population to push this sport up in popularity.

In the world of technology we are living in, handcrafted slings and such an ancient and traditional techinques, become really something to take care about.